We’ve organized below the best of ILTA's content on the subject of management, selected from past conferences, white papers, webinars, podcasts and Peer to Peer articles. The material is organized around seven primary functions managers perform. Within each of these major functional areas, you'll find the content further categorized by topic. Click on a topic link below to view the content listings.

Of particular interest, you'll want to check out the topic under Project Management called "Developing goals and plans for individual projects".  This topic has content on a dozen specific projects, including litigation support, KM, marketing, business continuity planning and security.

There’s a wealth of information below to assist you in developing and honing your management skills.  Happy hunting!

Leadership is:  

Understanding firm culture and politics 
  Communicating clearly and succinctly
Fostering teamwork and collaboration 
  Building relationships and managing conflict 
Managing your time effectively 

Strategic Planning is:  

Understanding how to develop a strategic plan 
Keeping up with technology trends 
Meeting legal and ethical compliance standards 
  Preparing for major events such as mergers or dissolutions

Organization/Staffing is:  

Building an effective organizational structure 
Writing meaningful job descriptions
  Hiring the best possible people 
Developing effective staffing policies 
Managing vendors and contractors  

Training/Development is:  

Providing training and career development opportunities
  Mentoring and coaching 

Performance Evaluation is:  

Negotiating service level agreements 
  Developing individual and department performance metrics 
Conducting performance reviews  

Project Management is:  

Establishing the discipline of PM in your organization 
Developing goals and plans for individual projects  

Budgeting is:  

Planning and monitoring your budget 
Maintaining appropriate purchasing and inventory controls 
Making effective use of financing options such as leasing