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2008 Peer to Peer             An Introduction to Business Continuity Planning
Pamela Hill of Project Leadership Associates looks at developing a plan based on the lessons learned from Gulf Coast firms, focusing on crisis management, technology, people and processes.
2008 Conference Business Continuity Technologies that Work
Jenn Steele, Matt Linzbach, Ben Weinberger are joined by Atlas Lee of eSentio and Pam Hill of Project Leadership Associates, to share case studies of what types of DR or BC technologies work for IT system preparedness and which ones do not and how to engage your firm in the DR process.
2007 Peer to Peer Oh, I Thought You Said "Citrus!"
Mike Sooley reviews the steps his firm took to hardening its facilities infrastructure as well as building centralized fault-tolerant systems.
2007 Conference Data Center Co-locations
William Kyrouz and Ray Beaulieu look at the reasons to make a co-location move, things to look for (and look out for) when selecting a data center provider and provide tips on systems operations once you get there.  Areas covered include: key differences between providers; environmental controls; centralizing in colocation and the WAN; and outfitting your cage, servers, storage and lights-out management.  William and Ray also provide a sample RFP for a data center co-location.
2007 Conference Pandemic: Protecting Your People and Your Business
John Tsiofas of KKL says that in planning for disaster, most firms focus on the technology, office space, communications and other crucial business functions, assuming that staff will be there to help the business recover. However, if a significant portion of your people are not available, then your strategy must change. He provides some background on the pandemic risk and what makes it quite different from other risks to your business
2007 Conference Performing In-House Risk Assessments
Adam Hansen contends that understanding risk is the first step toward the creation of a well-organized security, disaster recovery or risk management program. He introduces a practical and inexpensive approach to risk analysis in a law firm with the output being a document identifying risk and mitigation strategies
2007 Conference Surviving Disaster
Ivaylo Nikolov. Wayne Lyle, and Jenn Steele share real DR stories.  One had their data room flooded twice within a week, the other had an office devastated by a flood, but their data room was intact. Both operations survived and recovered. Were they prepared then, and are they prepared now? How did their firm’s attitude towards DRP change? 
2007 Conference The Role of Mobile Remote and Wireless Technologies in Disaster Recovery
Doug Caddell and Pamela Hill of Project Leadership Associates discuss how mobile devices support a recovery; discuss how to effectively use remote access and discover new aspects of working remotely
2006 Peer to Peer A Practical Guide for Your BC/DR Plan
Atlas Lee provides a useful summary of the logistical, people, and financial aspects of business continuity planning.
2006 Peer to Peer Key Success Factors for Business Continuity Planning
Bob Dolinsky of eSentio Technologies discusses the importance of a BC strategy, of including all operations and not just IT, and implementing risk avoidance measures.
2006 Peer to Peer Make a BC/DR Plan Easy by Avoiding the Common Pitfalls
Skip Lohmeyer looks at how common pitfalls can derail a BC/DR plan.  Provides some useful third-party sources of planning information.
2005 Conference Bridging Troubled Waters: How to Communicate During a Crisis
Having a Business Communication Plan is essential during times of crisis.  This presentation covers the five basic parts of a communication plan, and provides ten tips for selling your plan.
2004 White Paper Adverse Weather Quick Survey
A quick survey on firm policies regarding office closures due to adverse weather.
2004 White Paper ILTA Business Continuity Planning White Paper
Being prepared is what this white paper is all about—for everything from a major disaster to less serious events that could detrimentally impact personnel safety and revenue. Our nine authors cover this timeliest of topics in detail—with tips, case studies, disaster scenarios, experienced counsel and good, common-sense advice.
2004 Regional Meeting Business Continuity Technology
Peter Lesser reviews the myriad of technology choices for developing a business continuity plan.
2004 Conference Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Atlas Lee compares BC with DR and looks at backup solutions, high availability systems and recovery options.
2004 Conference Email and Disaster Recovery
Bruce Friedman discusses his firm's email recovery strategy and longer term plans and challenges from managing larger information stores. 
2003 Conference Business Resumption From An Application Perspective
Steve Skidmore, with Thomas Huson of Advanced Legal Systems, look at the implications from recovering from a worst case scenario:  the complete destruction of a firm's computer room.
2003 Conference Co-location sites for Business Continuity and Recovery
Peter Lesser discusses the process he and his firm followed in developing a DR/BC strategy and the lessons learned in implementation. 
2002 Conference Respond and Recover
Joy Heath Rush tells the story of her firm's response to 9/11.
2001 White Paper ILTA Disaster Recovery White Paper
This white paper presents several articles that focus on preparation for and reaction to disasters, ranging from the annoyance of hardware failure or data corruption at the low end to the devastation of full-scale physical destruction of facilities at the other. One piece is written from the perspective of a colleague who has lived to tell the tale -- a real-life account of recovery from the destruction of a tornado.