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Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over. - F. Scott Fitzgerald, novelist
2006 Conference Mergers, moves and expansions
Michael Fick and John Tsiofas of KKL discuss the advantages of having a merger strategy before a merger begins, the perils of accepting inconsistent systems and the importance making it clear who's in charge.
2004 White Paper Birth of the Megafirm White Paper
This white paper features case studies of recent mergers, discussions of using financial analytics in mergers, and building a merged firm culture. 
2004 Conference Surviving the Merger behind the Merger
Joy Heath Rush discusses her experiences with a large merger, paying particular attention to the importance of cultural differences and the psychological impact of change.
2003 Regional Mtg Critical Juncture: Challenges and Opportunities of M&A
Amanda Yanulkis of Hildebrandt presents an analysis of merger trends and statistics about mergers across the country.
2003 Conference Ten Steps to a Successful Merger
Member Dave Otte and Cindy Willcox from Data Fusion stress the importance of knowing the environment in doing a financial system implementation related to a merger.
2002 Conference Merger Checklist
One firm's checklist of transitions items for a merger and acquisition.
2002 Conference Merger Mania
Mary Ann Hallemann and Philip Rightler review the stages of a merger from both an IT and Finance perspective.
2001 Peer to Peer Easing the Pain of IT Systems Mergers: Thin Client to the Rescue
Brad Taylor of Elegrity says thin client provides a flexible, cost effective solution that can be rapidly deployed and, with proper implementation, can even be used to support "dual systems" as part of a phased approach to technology mergers
2001 Peer to Peer Merger Glue
Dan Felean of PensEra argues for prioritizing the integration of technology that helps people connect during the early stages of a merger, including a shared intranet portal.
2001 Peer to Peer Mergers and Acquisitions - The Human Equation
Ellen Grogan talks about her experiences being on the acquisition end of a merger. 
2001 Peer to Peer The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Law Firm Technology
Donna Payne of Payne Consulting discusses the importance of planning, communication and documentation during a merger.