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The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.   - Theodore Rubin, psychiatrist.
2008 Conference Addressing Generation Gaps in Today's Law Firms
Mark Cameron Willis, along with Matthew Willis of IKON Office Solutions, explore how law firms are dealing with the reality that there are differences in how the various generations perceive the world, the expectations they have around technology and mobility, and how they relate to each other and member of different generations.  With most law firms being run by Boomers, we need to consider that most new attorneys and staff are members of gen-X, gen-Y or gen-ME.
2004 Conference Personal Inventory
20 Questions to ask yourself to help you discover your professional style and direction, by PerfectAccess Spear.
2004 Conference Putting Your Best Foot Forward
"Professional is not a label you give yourself, it's a description you hope others will apply to you" If so, what are the ways you can earn that distinction?  By PerfectAccess Spear.
2004 Conference Traits of Exceptional Business Professionals
A short checklist of the competencies,  attitudes and disciplines of an effective leader. From PerfectAccess Spear.
2004 Conference Communicating Criticism Effectively
Charlene Traynor of Traveling Coaches provides good advice onhow to deliver criticism constructively, and also how to take a critical message in a positive way.
2002 Conference How Do You Feel about Negativity at Work?
The late Sharon Swartworth of the Army JAG discusses how negativity becomes an organizational habit, and how to turn around a negative organization.
2001 Conference Conflict Management
Consultant Rob Van Hooser examines conflict between peers, between employee and manager, and between IT and other groups, and how to manage it.
2001 Conference How to Handle Negative Attitudes
Member Henry Chace covers strategies for dealing with negative people.
2001 Conference Leadership Under Pressure
Sherry Kappel and Tom O'Sullivan from Microsystems talk about how organizations today are more like an octopus, less like a snake — leadership is required from all and not just the head.