Accolades to Authors
One of ILTA's most valued resources is our volunteer authors — knowledgeable and experienced legal professionals who come from the ranks of our member and vendor communities. It's the wealth of educational content that comes from folks in the trenches that is so valuable to our readers; and we are grateful to our authors for sharing the information and experience they've acquired.

If you'd like to contribute an article to ILTA, we want to help you get your idea approved and make sure your piece is published in the best possible light. It's truly a win-win proposition: You and your firm or company get exposure to the most attentive audience in the world — and we get to publish articles that keep our readers informed, educated and coming back for more.

Editorial Calendar

To have your article considered for publication, send your ideas and pitches to Kristy Cole. A few sentences or a brief outline will do. Remember that content should be original and have an educational focus around a strong thesis that supports the theme of the magazine.

Fall 2015 - Our Mobile Workforce
Article topics should include various mobility-focused topics including the latest devices; applications and platforms that support the mobile workforce; “killer apps;” BYOD policies and more.
Articles Due Now

Winter 2015 - Security, Up High and Down Low
Security continues to be everyone’s business, and we’ll play against the successful publications of past years that take their cues from LegalSEC. The cloud (up high) and your inbox (down low) are risk-laden containers; and this publication will be able to bring in content from the three “hot themes” for 2015: “information governance,” “security” and “the cloud.”
Articles Due September 21

To have your article considered for publication, send your ideas and pitches to Kristy Cole. Articles in our white papers are typically "deeper dives" than those published in the magazine, but shorter content is also accepted. White papers are published in digital format and provide an environment for multimedia files, so consider including audio interviews, videos, etc. as content linked from the article.

October 2015Business and Financial Management
Finance directors, pricing professionals and other business strategists will find value in this white paper that will include topics around forecasting/budgeting, cost recovery, electronic billing, credit and collections, executive reporting, appropriate pricing, legal project management, matter budgeting and more.
Articles Due September 16

October/November 2015 - Technology Survey Results
This publication is produced internally and does not accept bylined content.

Writing For ILTA (The ILTA Process)

All publications follow a similar editorial process. Please observe the steps below if you would like to contribute an article.

STEP 1: Send your article pitch.
A pitch is a few paragraphs or an outline that explains the article you intend to write. To have your article or other content considered for publication, please send your pitch to Kristy Cole.

STEP 2: Observe the guidelines.
If your pitch is accepted, we'll send you an email message that will include your deadline, word count and other relevant information. It's important that you observe ILTA's publishing guidelines noted below.

STEP 3: Submit your finished article.
Send your article in before the deadline as an MS Word attachment to an email message to Kristy Cole. Please consider this your final draft. 

STEP 4: Approve the final layout and sign the agreement letter.
Before we go to press, you'll see the article following iterative copyedit processes and final layout. You'll sign and return our Author Agreement Letter that outlines what we provide and what we expect from you. 

Things To Remember As You Write (ILTA's Publishing Guidelines)
It's important to keep the following guidelines in mind as you write your article.

  • Every submission should be an original work. We occasionally reprint an article previously published by the author, but only if it fits our theme and audience.
  • Start your article with a strong concept or thesis.
  • Consider including a short sidebar piece in your article, especially if you conduct an interview, want to include a list or have other related information that doesn’t quite fit in the article.
  • Consider using subheads and bullet lists. These make good "quick information" tools.
  • Do not include footnotes, diagrams or images.
  • Think education, not promotion. Do not spotlight specific products or companies; rather, write about challenges and solutions with technology or administrative procedures (we love case studies).
  • Keep your audience in mind. This is an audience of your peers; please consider their knowledge as you write.
  • Stick to the assigned word count.
  • Craft a strong closing.
  • Include an author bio of about 50 words that includes your title, job responsibilities, company and email address.
  • You write, we'll edit. We reserve the right to edit the article to fit the ILTA house style.

If you have questions, contact Kristy Cole at or (512) 795-4675.