One of ILTA's most valued resources is our volunteer authors — knowledgeable and experienced legal professionals who come from the ranks of our member and vendor communities. It's the wealth of educational content that comes from folks in the trenches that is so valuable to our readers; and we are grateful to our authors for sharing the information and experience they've acquired.

If you'd like to contribute an article to ILTA, we want to help you get your idea approved and make sure your piece is published in the best possible light. It's truly a win-win proposition: You and your firm or company get exposure to the most attentive audience in the world — and we get to publish articles that keep our readers informed, educated and coming back for more.

Where To Start

STEP 1: Check out our editorial calendar to see which upcoming publication theme seems like a good fit.

STEP 2: Send an article pitch (a paragraph or two describing the intended article topic) to Kristy Cole.

STEP 3: If your pitch is accepted, please observe ILTA's publishing guidelines.

STEP 4: Submit your final draft of the article by the deadline as a Word document. Include a brief bio (50 words) and a hi-res headshot.

STEP 5: Approve the final layout and sign the agreement letter. Before we publish the article, it will go through an iterative editing process and be placed into layout, and you'll need to sign and return our Author Agreement Letter.

Editorial Calendar

Peer to Peer (quarterly magazine)
This printed magazine continues to win rave reviews and award recognition! Articles range in length from 200 words to 1,800 words. Here are our upcoming themes:

Spring 2016 — There’s an App for That!
We’ll look at applications big and small: Microsoft Office 365, the evolution of document management, security and privacy applications, mobility apps and anything “new and cool” that sits on your server, your desktop or your smartphone.
Articles No Longer Being Accepted

Summer 2016 — Law2020: Future Tech
Content for this seventh edition of our Law2020 magazine will explore emerging technologies; it will revisit concepts arising from our Future Horizons research project; it will seek stories from visionaries around changing mindsets and strategies; and it will explore the future of mobility, security and privacy as they relate to future technologies.
Articles Due April 15

Fall 2016 — The Business and Practice of Law: Two Sides of One Coin
Legal operations, both as they pertain to practice management and business management will be explored. We look to our law departments to develop content specific to the legal operations teams. This theme can be explored across all content teams, as the business, financial, technology and practice management components are vast and ubiquitous across firms and law departments of all shapes and sizes.
Articles Due June 15

Winter 2016 — Professional Development: Just in Time for the Holidays
Our members are eager to develop their technical chops and their managerial and leadership skills. We close out our publication lineup in 2016 by providing a soup-to-nuts collection of content to assist everyone who looks to improve his/her own performance and that of the team, and we’ll look for content focused on mentorship.
Articles Due September 15

White Papers (digital publications)
Directors and the C-suite report that they read ILTA's white papers more than any other publication. We usually include five to eight articles that range from 1,500 to 2,500 words. Don't forget to consider the use of audio interviews, videos, etc. Here are our upcoming themes:

April 2016 — Litigation Support
Articles Due February 15

June 2016 — Knowledge Management
Articles Due April 15

October 2016 — Financial Management
Articles Due August 15

November 2016 — Potpourri: A Little Bit of Everything
Articles Due September 15

We don't accept articles for these informative publications, but our members benefit greatly from their data. Here are our upcoming surveys:

March 2016 — 2015 Staffing Survey Results

May 2016 — 2016 IT Compensation Survey Results

October/November 2016 — 2016 Technology Survey Results

December 2016 — 2016 Litigation and Practice Support Technology Survey Results

ILTA's Publishing Guidelines
It's important to keep the following guidelines in mind as you write your article.

  • Every submission should be an original work. We occasionally reprint an article previously published by the author, but that is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Start your article with a strong concept or thesis.
  • Consider including a short sidebar piece in your article, especially if you conduct an interview, want to include a list or have other related information that doesn’t quite fit in the article.
  • Consider using subheads and bullet lists. These make good "quick information" tools.
  • Do not include footnotes, diagrams or images. Citations should be incorporated into the context of the article.
  • Think education, not promotion. Do not spotlight specific products or companies; rather, write about challenges and solutions with technology or administrative procedures (we love case studies).
  • Keep your audience in mind. This is an audience of legal technology peers; please consider their knowledge as you write.
  • Stick to the assigned word count.
  • Craft a strong closing.
  • You write, we'll edit. We reserve the right to edit the article to fit the ILTA house style.

If you have questions, contact Kristy Cole at or (512) 795-4675.