Peer to Peer - Latest Issue

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ILTA's quarterly magazine contains substantive articles authored by members and vendors. The opinions expressed in the articles are solely those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of ILTA or its members.

Summer 2015

ILTA’s “Legal Technology Future Horizons” report, published in 2014, has a clear message regarding process improvement: For successful firms, the leadership imperative is pursue process excellence. In an era of commoditization, intense scrutiny and rising client service expectation, process excellence is essential. This means maintaining a ruthless focus on operational quality, efficiency, transparency and cost control, with IT as a key enabler. 

We celebrate our sixth annual Law2020-themed issue of Peer to Peer by focusing on this important topic. With another chorus of “innovate or perish” ringing in our ears, our contributors to this publication have provided great insight from their own explorations of and successes with business process improvements.

You’ll find key excerpts from the Future Horizons report as well as case studies from innovative firms that have improved processes, many by using Lean Six Sigma methodologies. We have a wonderful article on improving the process of lawyering, which is largely brought about by process improvement, and innovative uses of technology and human capital. I was impressed with the array of discreet topic areas that our authors provided, and I can truly say there is something for everyone in this issue!

Our popular “Ask the Expert” brings you some peer-powered thought leadership around process improvement, providing intelligent insights into the changes needed today to create a vibrant future. Enjoy, learn and improve!