Peer to Peer - Latest Issue

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ILTA's quarterly magazine contains substantive articles authored by members and vendors. The opinions expressed in the articles are solely those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of ILTA or its members.

Winter 2014

You’ve likely heard the aphorism “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” 
That old adage’s ring of truth is louder than ever. Competence, expertise and experience matter, but in modern times, nothing aids career advancement better than having the right professional connections. Building a solid professional network, showcasing your achievements and talents in highly connected spaces, and leveraging technology and tactics to promote your worth are all critically important to a successful career.

This issue of our magazine touches on all of the above. (But wait, there’s more!) We’re creating an untethered workforce and plugging into connections in a whole new way. Besides great advice around managing your personal brand in the social media, our contributors talk about all things “connection-related”: moving to a Lync voice system, cloud-based case management, leveraging social portals to connect with clients, process mapping for improved collaboration, “security as a service” to defend against social engineering attacks and much more. You’re sure to make a solid connection or two as you dive into the great content.

As we start a new year, it’s comforting to know that professional connections are never far away at ILTA. Many thanks to our contributors whose willingness to share their experiences on this expansive topic is greatly appreciated. Tell a friend about ILTA!