Peer to Peer - Latest Issue

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ILTA's quarterly magazine contains substantive articles authored by members and vendors. The opinions expressed in the articles are solely those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of ILTA or its members.

Spring 2015

With apologies to Charles Dickens, I’ll adapt the opening lines of  “A Tale of Two Cities” — it is the most exciting of times, it is the most challenging of times. Dickens was focused on the years leading up to the French Revolution; I’m focused on the current career evolution in the legal sector. The profession is facing a tale of two mindsets, if you will. To ignore the forces of change and hold steadfastly to traditional business and staffing models could prove disastrous to many firms. To embrace new career paths and reimagine the offerings of the many legal professionals in our space could prove rewarding for many firms.

This issue of Peer to Peer looks at the changes around us and provides great advice across many professional roles. I’m thrilled that many other associations provided rich content to support the roles they serve and speak of the challenges we face.

Our features begin with prognostications from a futurist, as John Alber offers his view of the changing professional landscape. Our many contributors touch on topics ranging from diversity and inclusion, STEM careers for women, the ever-expanding role of CIOs, and much more.

Our professional evolution will likely accelerate in the coming years, and it’s good to know that ILTA and many other associations provide solid support to you. To continue the mangling of Dickens’ opening lines — it is the spring of new career paths, it is the winter of tradition. Tell a friend about the evolution!