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ILTA's quarterly magazine contains substantive articles authored by members and vendors. The opinions expressed in the articles are solely those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of ILTA or its members.

Summer 2014 - Law2020: Future Horizons

We’ve got good reason to believe the legal profession will continue to experience turbulent seas and the need for superior captains and crew members, to say nothing of a top-notch navigation system. We set sail a few years ago, and we continue to chart a steady course toward a bright future as the industry experiences a sea change.

Cap’n, thar be whales here!” This Law2020-themed magazine provides “big” content from our Legal Technology Future Horizons project and highlights important findings from our research, including the “Three Horizons” graphic that paints a vivid picture of current, near-view and long-range technologies that could be game-changers for the profession. Our esteemed admiral, John Alber, father of “Law2020,” provides his own view of aligning IT and business strategies to drive innovation. And we have scores of insightful articles, sidebars, case studies and other great content from our many knowledgeable contributors.

Land ho! Be mindful of ongoing Law2020-focused programming, published content, podcasts and other deliverables throughout the years ahead as ILTA continues to prepare you for the challenges of uncertain waters and steers you toward landfall.

As Yogi Berra famously quipped, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” Never fear, ILTA’s lighthouse ensures safe passage. Enjoy, learn, share . . . and tell a friend about Law2020!

Randi Mayes
Executive Director