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ILTA's quarterly magazine contains substantive articles authored by members and vendors. The opinions expressed in the articles are solely those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of ILTA or its members.

Fall 2014 — Security Is Everyone's Business

The theme for this issue of our magazine really does say it all . . . 
security is everyone’s business. In the legal sector, we happen to be in the business of protecting confidential information, and that underscores the importance of our collective work to be proactive and ever vigilant against potential threats.

The content we provide covers security from many perspectives and experiences: from personal devices to the enterprise; from “invisible” measures to ISO certification; from passwords to big data. You’ll see the terms “attack” and “foot soldiers” and “crime” in the context of these articles, as we are fighting many enemies, including our own unwitting employees, in the battle for data security and privacy.

Myths will be debunked; best practices will be revealed; common sense will be reinforced; ILTA’s LegalSEC initiative will be extolled. The information in this magazine and through the many other educational and peer-provided resources on the topic of security will help you assess and eliminate your own security vulnerabilities.

Many thanks to our contributors whose willingness to share their experiences on this important topic is greatly appreciated. Tell a friend about ILTA, about LegalSEC, about security awareness; but please don’t tell a friend your mother’s maiden name. ;-)