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Best Practices in Licensing Agreements

The ILTA Licensing Task Force Mission

The goal of ILTA’s Licensing Task Force is to provide a set of standard definitions and best practices readily understandable by all parties involved in contract negotiations, so that ILTA members and vendors have a simpler and more consistent process. The purpose of this publication is to provide explanations that vendors and ILTA members will find mutually understandable and reasonable. The value for vendors is that they can propose agreements that meet the needs of ILTA members, helping them gain acceptance of their contracts and more quickly complete transactions. The value for ILTA members is that they will increasingly have vendors propose clear, understandable, and fair contracts, reducing the time necessary to negotiate them.

Types of agreements addressed by this publication include:

  • Software license agreements, including license grant and license subscription
  • Software maintenance agreements
  • Agreements for software-related services, such as conversion, implementation, and training.