ILTA has teamed up with ii3 to create video roundtables on topical issues. These video roundtables are moderated by Shy Alter, CEO of ii3, and include expert ILTA members and industry vendors responding to interview questions about the specified topic.

Release Date  Interview Title / Topic Participants 
June 2012 Professional Development and KM: Parts of a Whole or Separate Functions? Norm Letalik, Sandra Montanino and Mara Nickerson
June 2012 Security in Law Firms. A New Reality: You Know It’s Serious When the FBI Comes Calling Kevin Moore, Renee Murphy and Carlos Rodriguez
November 2011 Not Your Grandfather's Records Management! Bryn Bowen and Rudy Moliere
April 2011 Mobile Devices Sean Brady, James McKenna and Scott Preston
November 2010 Is LPM Practical?   Toby Brown, Peter Krakaur and Andrew Terrett