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Available handouts and/or transcripts from podcasts and webcasts are listed below.  Check back often, as this page is frequently updated. Don't forget, you can use one of the many apps available for mobile devices to take the podcasts with you on the go

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07/24/20152015 - Certifiable! The Value of Certifications to Your Career - IGP with ARMA
07/9/20152015 - Office 365 Conversations - SharePoint Online Administration
07/2/20152015 - Driving Change in a Law Firm - Matt Coatney Interview
07/2/20152015 - Driving Change in a Law Firm - Ginevra Saylor Interview
07/2/20152015 - Driving Change in a Law Firm - Erin Adell Interview
07/2/20152015 - Driving Change in a Law Firm - Brian Donato Interview
06/24/20152015 - Security Talk - Ransomware and How to Avoid It
06/19/20152015 - Office 365 Conversations - Exchange Online
05/29/2015The Importance of Cyber Security: Real Threats to the Legal Industry
05/13/2015Going Mobile - Getting Your Practice on the Road
05/11/20152015 - Security Talk - When to Use a Unique Password
05/11/20152015 - Security Talk - Two-Factor Authentication
05/11/20152015 - Security Talk - Protect Your Data with Encryption!
05/11/20152015 - Security Talk - Are You Saving Too Much Email?
05/8/20152015 - Office 365 Conversations - Licensing
05/8/2015Email Encryption: Compliance and Breach Prevention in 2015
04/22/20152015 - Office 365 Conversations - OneDrive Explained
04/6/2015Improving Attorney Productivity Through Third Party Applications
02/26/2015VDI - Does it Still Make Sense?
02/4/2015Looking Forward to 2015 and Reflecting Back on 2014
01/27/2015The Art of Professional Networking
11/19/2014Leadership: Lessons Learned
10/16/2014Poodle and October Patching
10/01/2014Feeling Shellshocked?
09/2/2014LegalSEC - High-Level Overview of the ISO 27002 Domains