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Available handouts and/or transcripts from podcasts and webcasts are listed below.  Check back often, as this page is frequently updated. Don't forget, you can use one of the many apps available for mobile devices to take the podcasts with you on the go

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07/29/2014Media/Data Encryption – TrueCrypt or not to TrueCrypt: What’s the Question Again?
07/17/2014Software Defined Networking/OpenFlow (SDN), Network of the Future or Pipe Dream?
06/6/2014Start Here: Information Governance from the Ground Up
04/23/2014ILTA Professional Services Leadership Podcasts
04/16/2014Trends in Training
04/14/2014Heartbleed Bug Explained and What to Do Now
04/9/2014ILTA 2013 Project of the Year Finalists
03/7/2014Honest Conversations: Attorneys on Training
03/6/2014Analytics & Predictive Coding in Asia: Changing the Landscape for Investigations & eDiscovery
03/4/2014We Aim To Please: New Client Service in Legal
02/17/2014Emerging Tech Spotlight on Business & Financial Management
02/17/2014Emerging Tech Spotlight on Enterprise Content Management
02/17/2014Emerging Tech Spotlight on the Law Department Peer Group
12/17/2013Ingredients for Extraordinary Leadership
12/11/2013IG ILTA conference recap – Nimble approach to information governance
12/05/2013Social Media Poised To Be Huge E-Discovery Challenge
10/21/2013LegalSEC Report: A Study of the Legal Industry's Infromation Security Assessment Practices
09/12/2013ILTA/GLA ALA: The Changing Role of the Legal Secretary
09/1/2013A Surge in Disruptive Communications Technologies
08/13/2013ILTA Conference 2013 - What Litigation Support Professionals Need to Know about Information Governan
08/13/2013Emerging Tech Spotlight on Server Operations & Security
08/13/2013LTA Conference 2013 – The Gamification of Security Awareness Training – Session RRMPG3