Available handouts and/or transcripts from past webinars are listed below.  Check back often, as this page is frequently updated.


08/6/2015Building an Effective Partnership with Your Helpdesk - Your Office
08/5/2015 Predictive Coding in the Real World - Your Office
08/4/2015The New, Independent iManage - What it Means for Legal IT - Your Office
07/30/2015Training PeerShare: Security Awareness Training - Your Office
07/29/2015Law Firm Profitability: Best Practices 2 - Expense Handling - Your Office
07/6/20152015 - How Big Data Can Solve Problems - Advanced Statistical Analysis
06/30/20152015 - How Big Data Can Solve Problems - Beginning Statistical Analysis
06/30/2015Revenue-Generating Relationships: Profitable Data Analytics - Your Office
06/26/2015Training PeerShare: Training Process Improvement - Your Office
06/24/20152015 - How Big Data Can Solve Problems - Trends in Corporate Legal Department Ownership of Knowledge
06/24/2015The Data Law Firms Don't See - Your Office
06/23/2015Law Firm Profitability: Best Practices and Worst Mistakes - Your Office
06/22/2015Best Practices for Attorney and Matter Mobility - Your Office
06/17/2015Creating an ECM Strategy and Roadmap to Maximize DMS Value - Your Office
06/16/2015Tailor SharePoint Integration Into eDOCS & Firm Environment - Your Office
05/19/2015Beyond Predictive Coding - The True Power of Data Analytics - Your Office
05/13/2015Key Performance Metrics and Improved Lawyer Efficiency - How Effective is Your Firm? - Your Office
05/12/2015Telecom Management: Good, Better, Best - Your Office
04/29/20152015 - How Big Data Can Solve Problems - Big Data 101
04/14/2015Keeping Email Lean and Mean: The Nuts and Bolts of Email Filing - Your Office
04/1/2015Is Cloud-Based GRC Feasible? - Your Office
03/24/201510 Ways to Build Business with LinkedIn in 5 Minutes or Less - Your Office
03/19/2015Drive Timekeeping Success Through Attorney Engagement - Your Office
03/18/2015Risk Assessment: The Foundation of Information Security & Compliance - Your Office
03/17/2015Training PeerShare: Gamification - Your Office
03/12/2015Balancing Security and Costs in a Mobile World - Your Office
03/11/2015Making Sense of Office 365 in Legal - Your Office
03/10/2015Eliminate the Risk of Exchanging Digital Content with Secure Managed File Transfer for eDOCS Users - Your Office
03/4/2015Becoming Indispensable - What Matters Most for Your Career - Your Office
02/26/2015Mobile Device Collection: More Than Just a Phone - Your Office
02/25/2015Social Networks & Tools: Which Are Best for Your Firm? - Your Office
02/24/2015Training PeerShare: Mobile Learning - Your Office
02/10/2015Make your Scanned Images Searchable with OpenText Image Crawler - Your Office
02/5/2015ISO or NIST? Which Security Framework is Best for Your Firm? - Your Office
01/29/2015Keys to a Successful Records Management Implementation - Your Office
01/28/2015Minimize Risk & Cost Exposure Through Information Governance - Your Office
01/21/2015Developing an Incident Response Plan - Your Office
01/20/2015MatterSphere: A Front Office Solution for Your Bottom Line - Your Office
01/14/2015Tips and Tricks for Upgrading to eDOCS DM 10 - Your Office
01/13/2015Training PeerShare - Limited Resources: Big Idea for Small Firms or Solo Trainers - Your Office
01/13/2015What Do Clients Want from Information Governance? - Your Office
12/15/2014xcelerate Budgeting and Forecasting - A First Look - Your Office
12/11/2014When Your Law Firm Is the Client - Handling Legal Holds, Collections and Productions of Your Firm's - Your Office
12/09/2014Is Email Running Rogue? Leverage Your DMS to Manage Email - Your Office
12/03/2014SharePoint 2013: What's New For Legal? - Your Office
12/02/2014Cyber Security for Litigation Support Professionals - Your Office
11/13/2014Moving Forward: The Application of Information Governance - Your Office
11/11/2014Training Peershare XI: Learning Management Systems - Your Office
11/05/2014ILTA Conference Encore: The Legal Ethics of Information Governance - Your Office
11/04/2014eDOCS Integration for Microsoft SharePoint - Your Office
10/28/2014Which Wireless Video Solution is Right for You? - Your Office
10/23/2014CASL Update: What's Happening With Canada's Anti-Spam Law - Your Office
10/22/2014Effective and Efficient Case Management: From Production to Trial - Your Office
10/21/2014eDOCS DM 10 Overview - Your Office
10/16/2014ILTA and ARMA Present: Information Governance: A Revenue Opportunity - Your Office
10/15/2014Training Peershare X: Flipped Classrooms - Your Office
10/15/2014Litigation & Practice Support Conference Recap - Your Office
10/13/2014Survival Skills for Introverts: Thriving Quietly in Our Loud World - ILTA 2014 Encore Session - Your Office
10/09/2014Benefits of an Effective Privilege Management Solution - Your Office
10/02/2014VDI: XenDesktop 7.5 Components and Features - Your Office
09/30/2014How to Outsmart Your Inbox - Your Office
09/26/2014ILTA Conference Encore: The Knowledge Management Sessions - Your Office
09/25/2014Benefits of Automating Invoice and Purchase Order Workflow - Your Office
09/23/2014Successful DMS/MCC Transformation Case Study - Your Office
09/18/2014The Accidental Portfolio Manager - Your Office
09/16/2014Training Peershare IX: Remote Training - Your Office