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Product Briefings

10/30/2013Top 5 Trends in E-Billing - Your Office

04/17/2014Mobile Learning: Creating an Effective Strategy - Your Office
04/16/2014Office 2013 Under the Microscope - PowerPoint - Your Office
04/9/2014Business Process Innovation - Your Office
04/8/2014User Support Services PG: Training Brainshare III: Process-Based Training - Your Office
04/8/2014The Windows XPiration Virtual Office Party - Your Office
04/3/2014Safely Edit Documents on the iPad: The Latest Risks with the Latest Apps - Your Office
04/2/2014AFAs and Managing Them Profitably With Engage - Your Office
04/1/2014ISO 27001 Doesn't Have To Be Scary: 10 Simple Steps - Your Office
03/27/2014The Usual Suspects: Support by Personality - Your Office
03/18/2014eDOCS for the Mobile World - Your Office
03/12/2014Office 2013 Series - Keep Track of Everything With OneNote - Your Office
03/11/2014Training Brainshare II: Practice-Specific Training - Your Office
03/5/2014Lock Down BYOD Data with Mobile Device Management and Secure File Transfer - Your Office
03/4/2014Consider Aderant Expert Refresher Training - Your Office
02/27/2014Legal Industry Update: A Look Back As We Move Forward - Your Office
02/26/2014Telecom Management: Six Questions to Ask - Your Office
02/25/2014IG 101 - Your Office
02/20/2014Building and Managing a Successful LinkedIn Strategy in a Law Firm Environment - Your Office
02/19/2014The Cost of Losing Time and How To Get It Back - Your Office
02/12/2014Social Media: Managing Multiple Platforms and Planning for E-Discovery - Your Office
02/11/2014What Office 365 Can Offer Your Firm - Your Office
02/10/2014Training Brainshare: Competency-Based Training - Your Office
01/23/2014ESI Protocol 101: A Tale of Two Perspectives - Your Office
01/22/2014The Three R's of Office 2013 and Office 365: Risks, Rewards and How To Recover - Your Office
01/15/2014Social Media: Blogging for Business - Your Office
01/14/2014Word 2013: Under the Microscope - Your Office
01/13/2014HP Autonomy Webinar - Your office
01/7/2014Understanding the Microsoft Cloud (Azure) - Your Office
12/19/2013Social Media: Creating Community and Engagement on Your Platform - Your Office
12/18/2013Desktop and Application Services PG: Data Analysis Nirvana: Excel 2013 Business Intelligence Feature - Your Office
12/16/2013The Ever-Evolving E-Billing Industry: Trends and Tips for Law Firms - Your Office
12/10/2013Foreign Language Review in a Box: Translating the Issues - Your Office
12/10/2013Mobility and Your DMS: How To Access Your Documents While Out of the Office - Your Office
12/05/2013Lessons Learned in Developing E-Learning - Your Office
12/04/2013The Benefits of ISO-27001 for Legal Firms - Your Office
12/03/2013ILTA and Project Management Institute: Change Management: Persuading Lawyers To Adopt LPM - Your Office
11/21/2013 Matter-Profiling Techniques and Tools in Law Departments and Law Firms - Your Office
11/19/2013The Link Between Matter Management Technology, Profitability and Client Retention - Your Office
11/14/2013Social Media: Determining a Platform To Fit Your Goals - Your Office
11/11/2013Windows Remote Management with PowerShell - Your Office
11/07/2013Overcoming Challenges: Refining Your Training Strategies To Achieve Maximum Impact - Your Office
11/06/2013Getting Started with Power View and Other Great New Features of Excel 2013 - Your Office
11/05/2013LPS PG: How Do I Get There? A Guide to Professional Development Using ILTA (and Other) Resources - Your Office
10/31/2013Complying with the "Minimum Necessary" Standard of HIPAA - Your Office
10/29/2013Implementing a Successful Up-skilling Program - Your Office
10/23/2013Enterprise v3.10 and WebView 5.5: Enhancements and New Features
10/22/2013Worldox: Let Us Support You - Your Office
10/21/2013iPad Apps for the Lit Support Professional - Your Office
10/17/2013The Case for Fixed Price Managed Review - Your Office
10/16/2013Key Negotiation and Review Factors - Your office
10/15/2013Outlook 2013: New Features for Organization, Conne - Your Office
10/09/2013Managing a Technology Change Initiative - Your Office
10/04/2013HIPAA: What law firm employees need to know now - Your Office
10/03/2013Secure Yet Pain-Free Mobile Access to Confidential Legal Documents and Collaboration Tools - Your Office
10/02/2013Cloud Strategies for Law Firms - Enabling Lawyer Productivity, Maintaining Firm Control - Your Office
09/25/2013Vocal Presentation Skills for Command, Interest an - Your Office
09/19/2013Lawyer Mobility and the Lateral Transfer of Matter - Your Office
09/18/2013HIPAA Compliance: What it is, what it means, and w - Your Office
09/17/2013Game Changer: Windows 8 Tablet (the Swiss Army Knife of Devices) - Your Office
09/16/2013ILTA13 Encore Session - ETPG4 (Cutting-edge Server Room Technology - What's new and cool!) - Your Office
09/13/2013Innovation and Law Firms: Oxymoron, This Year's Fad or Survival Imperative? - Your Office
08/14/2013Managing Risk: Data Control and Data Privacy in Midsize Law Firms - Your Office
08/8/2013Ethical Considerations in Law Firm Litigation Support - Your Office
08/7/2013Metrics and Marketing: Tools and Techniques for Measuring ROI - Your Office
08/6/2013Create a Knowledge Advantage with Big Data - Your Office
08/6/2013Emerging Technologies Series: Stage Right: Crossing the Bridge from Development to Production - Your office
08/5/2013Litigation & Practice Support sessions at ILTA 2013: The Catalyst
08/5/2013Who Do You Trust?Managing Risk In an Outsourced World - Your Office
08/1/2013Deliver SharePoint Success: How to Drive Sustainab - Your Office
07/26/2013What's New in SharePoint 2013? - Your Office
07/24/2013DevOps in the Legal Vertical: Managing Change and - Your Office
07/18/2013The Collaborative Authoring Experience - Your Office
07/16/2013Time Entry on Steroids and How to Embrace the Mobi - Your office
06/26/2013Promoting from Within and Succession Planning in Legal IT - Your Office
06/21/2013KeePass: Open-Source Password Management - Your Office
06/20/2013An Insider's Guide to New Corporate Drafting Tools - Your Office
06/18/2013Making Sense of Predictive Coding Statistics - Your Office
06/11/2013What Office 365 Can Offer Your Firm - Your Office
06/6/2013Vulnerability Assessments, Security Assessments, and Penetrations Tests:? What's the difference, whi - Your Office
06/5/2013Keeping Client Data and Your Law License Secure - Your Office
05/29/2013Dip Your Toes in the SharePoint Pool - Your Office
05/23/2013A New Frontier is Here: What You Need to Know About - Your Office
05/20/2013Getting the Most from Your Elite Conference Experi - Your office
05/16/2013Legal Technology Core Competencies - Does Your Fir - Your Office
05/15/2013Professional Services PG: Helping Attorneys Build - Your Office
05/14/2013Manage and Secure Law Firm BYOD - Your Office
05/13/2013Tips & Tricks to Master the PDF Format - Your Office
05/10/2013SecurED Product Briefing - Your Office
05/7/2013Why Information Security Can't Just Be Just an IT Problem - Your Office
05/6/2013Communications Technologies PG: Enhance Your Time - Your Office
05/3/2013Managing Metadata for Today's Mobile Lawyer - Your Office
04/30/2013Blackberry 10: Asked and Answered - Your Office
04/29/2013 Is an "End to End" the be-all end-all in Discovery Solutions? - Your Office
04/25/2013Helping Your Lawyers Pick the Best Apps for Their iPads - Your Office