Many VENDORS and CONSULTANTS to the legal market have discovered participation in ILTA is a unique opportunity to get your company's name in front of the key technology decision makers in law firms and legal departments across the country. Currently, ILTA membership comprises almost 1,300 law firms and legal departments representing more than 625,000 desktops.

ILTA's vendors are a valuable part of the ILTA community, providing product information, guidance, educational content, and networking opportunities.

As part of the ILTA community, vendors are asked, therefore, to adhere to the organization's core values in interactions with ILTA members and attendance at ILTA events. Some specific guidelines to assist you in working within the ILTA culture are shown below.

If you are a vendor or consultant to the legal market and would like information on the many opportunities available through ILTA, please email ILTA's Program Director, Peggy Wechsler, or call her at (512) 795-4662.

Vendor Guidelines
If you are forwarded a message from an ILTA e-group, do NOT contact the original poster. Please respond to the individual who forwarded you the message and ask the individual to contact his or her colleague and request permission to pass on the information.

Membership Directory
Mine the information: Research titles, firm/entity size, etc. to determine prospects and best contact.

No cold calling: Our members are busy professionals and do not appreciate the interruptions.

Speaking Opportunities
Determine up front if the expectation is for your presentation to be purely educational or more product /service focused. No "selling" during educational presentations.

When in the audience, you are invited to participate in group discussions but may not mention your products or services. You are invited to share experiences or information pertinent to the topic.

ILTA Regional Events
ILTA regional events are open to vendors by invitation only from ILTA Leadership (an ILTA officer or the local volunteer city rep). If you are invited to attend an event, no selling is permitted.

Vendor posters or other collateral materials may only be placed in locations approved by ILTA.

Booth sharing in the Exhibit Hall must be approved by ILTA.

No temporary booths without pre-approval by ILTA.

All preconference mailers must be approved by ILTA's Program Director. Promote products, not parties. Marketing materials showing vendor social events, demos, demo room educational sessions, etc., along with listing ILTA educational sessions where vendor staff are speaking must ensure that attendees can distinguish readily between ILTA materials and vendor materials.

No client events with more than 20 attendees (golf tournaments, helicopter rides, etc.) may be scheduled during the day.

All affiliate events must be approved by ILTA.

No sharing badges. Every vendor attendee must have his or her own badge (exhibitor, consultant, speaker).

Any gifts or prizes valued at more than $500 must be approved by ILTA.

Animals are not permitted in the meeting center.

Preconference (sent out on July 15) and post-conference attendee lists can only be used for one mailing each.

Other Areas
Information obtained from ILTA publishables, e.g., surveys, may be used to help support the value of your product. It is not appropriate to use such information as negative publicity concerning competitors.

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