Opportunities for Vendor Involvement

Please contact Ken Hansen with questions or if you need more information on items on this page.

Update Your Expertise!
We are always looking for ILTA members and vendors who are experts in specific areas of focus to speak at ILTA's conferences, a seminar or webinar, a regional meeting, or to author an article for our award-winning publications. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge, please enter your credentials in our Expertise Database (it will only take a moment and the benefits to ILTA members are immeasurable).

Visit your profile page on ILTA's Connected Community and set your Knowledge Areas and Expertise. Please indicate the knowledge areas in which you are MOST well-versed (up to 5), and click Save. Please provide a brief biography that we can use for you as well. Note: If you do not have login credentials for the ILTA website, you’ll find the option to create an account on the login screen.

Speak at Meetings, Webinars and Conferences
Our sponsors are invited to submit courses for consideration for presentation at local meetings, seminars, webinars, and our conferences. Courses can be educational in nature, demo product solutions or both, and they should be held to 60 minutes in duration. Once you submit a course, it will be reviewed by ILTA's Programming Coordinator. Based on feedback from members, we will work closely with the peer groups and regional member liaisons (RMLs) to schedule webinars and local meetings. You will be contacted directly if your course is selected.

To be considered as a speaker for a local meeting, webinar presentation or future conferences, submit courses via our course catalog. Submitted courses will remain in the course catalog for one year. 

At this time, we are not accepting proposals.  Please check back in February.

An ILTA roadshow is an educational presentation that is delivered to our members in multiple cities.

Our sponsors will be invited to submit proposals for potential roadshow presentations.  Once the proposal has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the ILTA content experts, vendor(s)/presenter(s), and Programming Coordinator to discuss the content and general overview of the roadshow presentation.  The administrative fee for each proposal is $500, which includes the first five cities.  Additional cities can be added for $50 per city.   For further information, please review the roadshow policies.

Vendor Product Briefings
Vendor product briefings are a series of webinars hosted by vendors to demo their products to ILTA members. These webinars are posted on our website and announced via a monthly broadcast to members. These product briefings are scheduled throughout the year on Mondays and Fridays at noon Eastern. The cost is $300. 

Emerging Technologies Webinar Series
We're looking for vendors to present on cool and new solutions for which we expect to see growth within the legal industry in the coming years. Said solutions could be hardware, software, methodologies, business practices or philosophies. Candidate solutions do not need to be "emerging" in their entirety; a proposed solution might qualify by virtue of newness to the legal industry, specifically, or a small technical change to an existing solution that inspires significant changes in usage and adoption, etc. Accordingly, the application process includes the question: "What qualifies the proposed solution as 'Emerging'?"

The application process is similar to the process in which vendors apply for slots in the "Solution Spotlight" sessions at our annual conference. The application is posted here. Selected topics and presenters will enjoy approval and endorsement by the emerging technologies team as "emerging" and sponsored as such. While there is no fee for this opportunity, selected vendors will be asked to host their own webinar.

ILTA's Security Initiative: LegalSEC®
Firms of all demographics have come together under the ILTA banner to form LegalSEC®, The Legal Information Security Council. The goal of this initiative is to deliver a set of best practices and a framework that firms can adapt to their needs to build or enhance their information assurance/security programs. Our mission is to enhance the delivery of secure services to clients by raising and maintaining security awareness and by providing an asset protection framework for law firms.

We are looking to our vendor sponsors for educational content and product information around security awareness to our members. We have created a database for you to input your ideas. The LegalSEC Advisory Group will review the entries to select topics for the LegalSEC monthly webinar series. The fee is $300, and your company will produce the webinar and handle the registration.

Educational Webinar Sponsorship
Webinar sponsorships are a great way to target your products/services to a specific audience. The benefits of sponsorship include: listed as sponsor on webinar invite to members; logo on meeting webpage; logo on cover slide that is on screen before the beginning of the webinar; your logo on "Q&A" slide at end of presentation; and webinar moderator acknowledgement at the beginning and end of the webinar. The cost for sponsorship is $300.

Online and Print Advertising
Whether you want to advertise online or in print, we have opportunities available. Contact Kristy Cole at 512.795.4675 for more information or to schedule a time to go over ALL of your advertising options (and discounts associated with your sponsorship level).

Press Releases
Each issue of our quarterly print magazine, Peer to Peer, includes a section where new products and product upgrades are announced. Be sure to add editor@iltanet.org to your press release list to ensure your products get the attention they deserve!

Vendor News
If you have had a title change, added a new person to your team or changed jobs, let us know. Submit this information to editor@iltanet.org to have it appear in Peer to Peer.

Author an Article
As thought-leaders in the industry, we'd love to have you author an article in one of our award-winning publications. View our editorial calendar and submission guidelines for more information.

ILTA Vendor Events
Our website highlights vendor-produced events. The cost to post an event is $300.  For more information about posting your events, contact Ken Hansen or view the current listing.

Vendor Product Announcements
Much like press releases, these product announcements are another way to get word of new or upgraded products and services out to ILTA members. The cost for sponsorship is $300, and the posting stays on our website for one month.

Timely Articles Blog 
We're looking for timely articles on best practices, new technologies and new legal technology trends. If you or someone at your organization writes a piece in one of these themes focusing on instructing more than selling a product, please share it with Joanne Kiley, ILTA's Content Curator. If it's a good fit, she will include a link to your article and brief description in her "But Wait . . There's More" blog or in other areas she promotes content for the membership. Joanne can be reach at joanne@iltanet.org.