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A Question from the IDEA Database "Does VDI still make sense?"

By Kevin Svec posted 02-26-2015 16:11


ILTA members continue to submit topic questions to the IDEA Database, and this is really helping drive some great discussion for content.  As people look at mobility, VDI is one of those delivery methods at the top of the list.  An idea was submitted revolving around VDI, and it was posed as a question “VDI – Does it still make sense?”

This is a great question, and there’s a lot of room for discussion.  Especially when it comes to the questions:

  • Is it cost effective (CapEx or OpEx)?
  • What about the server hardware infrastructure compared to simple physical desktops?
  • Performance cannot be that great with VDI…can it?
  • Is it difficult to configure for a secure remote connection?
  • Is an Internet connection always required when working remotely?
  • What is the target user group?(Attorneys, Secretaries, Paralegals, Administration, etc.)

A few great people were gathered to help answer these questions in a roundtable discussion.  These speakers were Jim Moreo and Lisa Stone with Cornerstone I.T., J. Abernathy with MindShift and me, Kevin Svec with Sanders and Parks.  This discussion lasted for 35 minutes, and covered a lot of ground.  In the end, the final thought was, “VDI is nothing new…It’s only better than ever.  And, with a little help, it can be very beneficial for your firm.”

Here’s the link to the podcast discussion.