Featured Content for Europe

By Mercedes Brown posted 03-02-2021 12:42


Hello all, please find below a list of content/educational events ILTA Staff and volunteers would like to highlight for members in Europe. This list will be updated every two weeks. 

If I have missed an event or resource you would like to include please let me know. 

Upcoming Events  

Recordings (Recently added)
Digital Collaboration Tools for Global Teams   29th April New
How to Choose an AI Contract Analysis Solution 6th April  

Collaboration Challenges in the Pandemic : Tips for Effectively and Efficiently Collecting ESI from Slack and MS Teams 3rd April

Blogs & Podcasts   
Short Text Messaging - Know Before You Go: Part Two 4th May 2021 New
Notes from ILTA Education SIG Meeting on Career Development  30th April 2021 New
Fresh voices of Legal Tech Interview 28th April New
TAR vs CAL - A Primer 22nd April 2021