How Unified Endpoint Security Protects Shifting Work Environments

When:  Dec 13, 2021 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)


The COVID-19 pandemic was a massively disruptive event for enterprise IT security teams everywhere, including law firms. Organizations had to quickly learn how to manage fully remote employees while also safeguarding against the introduction of new threat risks from numerous insecure home networks. Secure communication and collaboration are essential to protecting clients’ confidential data. These new challenges lead to increased user support requirements and the pressing need for more IT security resources.

As the shift to more remote workforces is becoming more permanent for many organizations, IT security professionals want better tools to address the hurdles of their new work environments.

Join Nigel Thompson, VP of Product Marketing at BlackBerry, for an on-demand webinar that covers how unified endpoint security (UES) solutions that combine incident prevention, detection, and response capabilities can protect your organization as it evolves through this significant shift.

Nigel covers:

Drivers for change, like BYOD
The endpoint security management landscape
What security professionals want
The use case for UES
Baldeep Dogra, Director of Solutions Marketing, will lead an interactive live Q&A.
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