Business Development: CourtAlert for PACER & Realtime Federal Complaints

When:  Dec 6, 2021 from 11:00 to 12:00 (ET)


CourtAlert Business Development tools are geared towards increasing revenue for your firm/organization.

CourtAlert for PACER - CourtAlert for PACER continues to be the most reliable tool to monitor a PACER docket. It’s companion, PACER Explorer, is a great way to search PACER and allows you to drill into cases to view details and dockets and easily download documents into binders.

CourtAlert Realtime Federal Complaints are an efficient way to watch for new complaints in all Federal District Courts nationwide.  Add names to monitor and receive immediate alerts on new litigation within minutes of a matching complaint being filed. Clear alerts with the Complaint PDF attached. CourtAlert recently announced Realtime New York Complaints to compliment this service for all New York Supreme Complaints.

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