Lawyer Work Allocation and Resource Management: How to Do Better with Technology

When:  Sep 22, 2021 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)


A law firm’s growth largely depends on how effectively it manages and allocates its most important resource - its lawyers.

Unfortunately, the process of assigning lawyers to matters in most law firms is broken:

  • Lawyers get assigned work whether they have capacity or not.
  • Staffing decisions are based on guesswork or partners handpicking associates for their matters.
  • Work and opportunities are not distributed equitably.
  • Associates are over or underutilized, which leads to burnout and attrition.

viGlobal, a trusted software vendor in the legal industry with 400+ law firm clients, has developed viResourceAllocation to help law firms improve staffing, balance associate workloads, and ensure that their lawyers are happy with the work and growth opportunities they receive.
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