Automate the Processing of ECF Notices in State and Federal Courts

When:  Jan 24, 2022 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)


The receipt of every electronic court filing (ECF) notice in a firm’s inbox marks the beginning of 5-20+ minutes of tedious work downloading, profiling, storing and routing court documents. Multiply this out by the hundreds or thousands of ECF notices a firm receives each month and the result is a relentless drain on staff time and resources.

ECFX Notice automates the processing of ECF notices, so staff efforts begin with the work the firm's clients value.

Join our panelists Kenneth Horrmann, Managing Clerk at Kobre & Kim LLC, and Christina Drazevic, Assistant Managing Clerk at & Kobre Kim LLC, as they share insight on the benefit their firm has experienced after transitioning from manual processes to Intelligent Automation with ECFX Notice to handle the large volume of ECF notices they receive in Federal District and Appellate, New York, Florida, and California cases.

Also learn how automation can help your firm:
• Get documents to attorneys and the case team in seconds
• Implement flexible but consistent document profiling and DMS storage policies
• Eliminate duplicative work downloading the same documents
• Identify cases that are not in the case management system
• Gain unprecedented visibility into firm-wide ECF metrics
• Improve job satisfaction by eliminating dull, repetitive daily tasks

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