ILTA Innovation Initiative

ILTA is engaging in the development of the ideas of tomorrow by providing and facilitating the platforms for vigorous discourse and problem-solving today.

About ILTA Innovation

ILTA's international membership comprises law firms and legal departments within organizations of all sizes and all areas of practice, each sharing a common need to have access to the latest information about products and support services that impact the legal profession worldwide.

ILTA is leading this initiative to bring together a diverse group of people, resources, and opportunities to ensure innovation advances across the legal community.

Initiative Includes:

Identify and Frame Opportunities
Through collaborative, facilitated discussions with a broad cross-section of the legal technology industry, ILTA wants to identify and frame both practical and aspirational legal Innovation opportunities and challenges

Design and Prototype Solutions Frameworks
By applying flexible and creative community collaboration and facilitation frameworks, ILTA plans to develop working teams around Innovation

Create and Test Practical Applications
In collaboration between member legal service providers, business solutions partners, start-ups and designers, develop and test practical solutions

Develop Resources, Education and Networking
ILTA wants connect our members and the legal tech industry to each other and to the best-in-class resources and education around Innovation. Workforce development and upskilling discussions and opportunities are targeted within this multi-year initiative.

ILTA Innovation programs will include national, local and online events, targeted content, collaboration communities, and opportunities for professional connections.


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