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The Rise of AI in the Criminal Justice Sector

Description Join Luminance for a discussion with Sally Hobson, Criminal Barrister at The 36 Group on how next-generation technology is being adopted in court-based litigation around the world, including a high profile murder trial in the UK. Find out how AI allows legal counsel to prepare for...

 06-17-2021 | 11:00 - 12:00 ET

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AI Challenges During the Gender Equality and Diversity Era: Do We Need a Legal Frame?

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Cecilia Celeste Danesi , AI and Law researcher and professor (IG @ceciliadanesi, LK Cecilia Celeste Danesi, ). Nowadays we can find artificial intelligence everywhere: to fight against the Covid-19, to predict our music...

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Knowledge Management Round-Up for 2020: A Bright Spot in a Cruddy Year

2020 was rough, and we’re moving on. But on the bright side, ILTA members created another treasure trove of useful content on knowledge management (KM) topics, the quality of which was particularly good this year. In case you were distracted at some point in 2020 (and who wasn’t?) and missed...

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AI Case Studies Recap

There is so much information these days on AI it’s hard to know where to begin. If you are interested in hearing about some case studies on practical usage then look no further than an ILTA webinar series on the topic. You may also want to review these as a precursor to this year’s ILTACON. ...

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AI Roundup - A guide to ILTA's Artificial Intelligence content

OK, so Watson won “Jeopardy!” back in 2011. That’s ancient history in technology years. ILTA provides a wealth of programming about the current state of affairs in Artificial Intelligence that will benefit law firms and corporate legal departments. In the future, I’m...

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An Open Letter to Watson

Dear Watson, Congratulations again on your phenomenal win over Jeopardy’s two best ever contestants. Who would have thought a computer could master Jeopardy’s weird rules and manage play in natural English! But you did. And since that triumph in 2011, you have been busy exploiting the buzz...