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Knowledge Management and IT: Push and Pull - Recap

Please enjoy this blog post recap from Kate Hanley, Knowledge Management Lawyer, Sidley Austin LLP. On June 2, 2021, ILTA hosted a roundtable on "Knowledge Management and IT: Push and Pull." The participants were Caroline Sweeney (Director of Knowledge Management and Innovation) and Paul...

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First Impressions of Microsoft Intune Endpoint Manager for MDM to an Intune Endpoint Manager Noob

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Mark Manoukian, IT Director, Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter. In 2011, Microsoft introduced an MDM solution known as Intune. Without knowing anything specific about it, at all, Intune was and is immediately attractive to some of us for the reason...

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Different sides of the same coin? How IT and Innovation departments can work together

Lately, I found myself working at the busy intersection of established legal IT department and recently created KM Innovation group in the law firm I am in. Both departments have their similarities and differences: IT is the powerhouse of technical expertise while Innovation looks better...

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Strategies for Improving Collaboration Between IT and Legal - Takeaway

Please enjoy this brief takeaway from the May 1st roundtable discussion entitled "Strategies for Improving Collaboration Between IT and Legal." It is important for Legal to have an IT dedicated team and for that collective team to have shared goals. o If you don’t have a dedicated IT...

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Mimecast vs. Proofpoint Comparison

Hello! We thought it would be beneficial to provide the membership a comparison of Mimecast v. Proofpoint, especially given the popularity of the e-group conversations regarding these technologies. Attached you'll find three documents: Mimecast Breakdown - describes the Mimecast...

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Clonezilla - A No Cost Disk Imaging Solution

I'm sure many of us have at some time or other utilized a software-based disk imaging/cloning solution. Norton Ghost was one of the first I ever used and it was awesome. Heck, I'm even going to assume that a few of us have used hardware-based disk imaging equipment. My firm dropped a few...